Lolly drop belly flop. A3 Riso Print.

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Limited edition A3 Risograph print in 3 colours: yellow, fluorescent pink and blue.

The 3 colours in Lolly Drop overlap, resulting in beautiful purples, greens and oranges. This light and playful geometric print has been popular with colour lovers and as a baby gift or kids gift (featured here in Minty Magazine as part of a nursery styling).
Lolly Drop was inspired by Le Riquiqui's Dad Ron, who flies a little biplane and does a lolly drop for the kids every year at the local show.

Printed on acid-free, 100% recycled paper (250gsm). 

Edition of 35, numbered and signed in pencil.
Size : 42 x 29.7cm

The frame is not included.

What is riso printing?
The Risograph machine was first manufactured in Japan in the 80s, initially designed to work as a high volume photocopier and printer. It produces a handcrafted result – like a cross between screen printing and laser printing, and often creates imperfections in the form of shadows, creases and offsets, adding to the charm : )

All riso prints were made by LeRiquiqui at The Rizzeria workshop in Marrickville, Sydney.